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  • Protein and energy bars with cricket flour

    SENS Bars

    Cricket flour
    Only pure ingredients
    Gluten free

    Protein bars

    20g of natural protein for optimal muscle recovery

    Energy bars

    A delicious snack that keeps you full and focused

    The world has changed

    The way we make food hasn't changed since our grandma's time

    Cricket Graph

    Crickets, the new superfood


    The same quality protein

    as beef, chicken, or fish, but more nutritious.


    To produce the same amount of protein as cattle, crickets need:

    12x less feed and 2000x less water



    100% House Crickets

    Dried and milled into a fine powder.

    Insects, the new normal

    At SENS, our goal is to make insect eating mainstream.

    Help us spread the word.

    Sample pack

    all flavours

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