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  • At SENS, we want to make insect eating the new normal.

    We see insects as the easiest way to rapidly improve the quality and sustainability of our diet.

    Why are insects the way to go?

    Check out this easy infographic

    Insect eating is not a new thing. 2 billion people eat insects as a part of their daily diet. But why are westerners missing out on such a delicacy? What’s the biggest challenge? The "Yuck" factor!

    Interestingly, young children have almost no problems swallowing insects. The average adult westerner, on the other hand, considers biting into a mealworm worthy of reality TV. We set up everything at SENS with one goal in mind, to overcome the cultural fear of insects. We want to focus on insect flour, starting with cricket flour, and communicate the nutritional, sustainability, and ethical benefits it has while demonstrating how tasty it can be.

    How we got into this

    In 2013 FAO released a document called Edible Insects, which summarized all research that has ever been done on insect eating. They asked a question we are still figuring out the answer to today. Why is nobody eating insects here? We found out that there was no company in Europe that communicated the benefits of insect eating the right way. We saw an opportunity there, something that made sense from both social and economical points of view. With this vision we founded SENS.

    Our Team

    The glue that holds us all together is our ambitious vision. Everyone that comes on board does so because they are attracted to it. At every interview we talk about our mission and it’s soon clear if it’s the right fit or not. We also work with a lot of freelancers who are attracted to what we are trying to do. That’s how we gained access to experts in food technology and nutrition. Our team is developing constantly. Especially mentoring programs like the one in San Francisco and at Oxford University were invaluable to our growth.

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