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    In 1993, advertising changed the American lifestyle with the famous “Got Milk” campaign. Forget milk. Forget the 90’s. At SENS, we are trying to set a new trend – EATING CRICKETS!

    We always say that the biggest problem with insect eating is that nobody knows about it. People often ask us how we came up with such an original idea. Well, we didn’t! Insects have been a part of our diet for millions of years, we have just gradually forgotten about them. And now when we know how good they are for us and the planet, we put them inside lollipops and reality TV shows.

    Insects, the new normal is our creative campaign in a nutshell. Forget how it used to be, the new era is here. We don’t have to eat junk food anymore; we have a variety of tasty and high quality ingredients to choose from.

    A professional campaign on a budget

    We rented a studio, hired professionals (a lot of them wanted to support our vision and agreed to work for much cheaper than usual, THANKS!), casted actors through friends and Facebook, made our own props (the day before shooting) and prayed that the one day of shooting would be enough.

    It was a success! We are happy with the clips and the message that’s now out there. Check out the truly 90’s analog behind the scenes photo-shoot on our Facebook page. We had fun!

    If you like our message, feel free to share! And try our insect-based bars.

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