Healthy lifestyle

Can You Eat Insects if You Have Diabetes and Coeliac?

Healthy lifestyle
29th March 2019

We talked to one of our customers, Petr, who has both type I. diabetes and coeliac and asked him what life with these diseases is like and how cricket flour fits into his diet. What does he like to eat or breakfast? How does he fuel his sports activities? Read on.... (read more)

Infographics: All You Needed to Know About the Meat Problem

Cricket farming
17th March 2019

Do we have a meat problem? Maybe. It depends on what you consider a problem. Some people think meat could one day make our whole planet unlivable. Sounds like a stretch? Read on and make up your own mind.... (read more)

Should You Be Afraid of Cholesterol in Cricket Flour?

Healthy lifestyle
7th February 2019

Cholesterol is linked to heart disease so eating foods high in cholesterol is unhealthy, right? No, not exactly. Even though crickets do contain cholesterol there’s a difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Let’s take a closer look to clear up the confusion.... (read more)

How Cricket Flour Bars Fuelled my 250 km Run in a Desert

Healthy lifestyle
21st November 2018

What food would you take if you had to spend 6 days crossing a 250 km long trail in a desert and had to carry everything on your back? Pavel Paloncý, or the Czech Machine as he is known in the ultra-runner community, decided to take cricket flour bars as his main source of fuel.... (read more)

Eating Insects Improves Gut Health

Healthy lifestyle
2nd August 2018

It is well documented that insects are nutritious, filled with quality protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and many other minerals. But the effects of insect-eating on gut health is something that was never explored, until now. A new clinical trial looked at what happens to the gut microbiota of people who start eating insects, and... (read more)

3 Essential Tips for a Healthier Office Life

Healthy lifestyle
21st May 2018

It’s cool that you exercise and try to lead a healthy lifestyle outside of work. But if you, like most people, spend the majority of your waking hours at the office you better learn how to stay healthy there too. Here are three actionable tips to improve your office life!... (read more)

This Is How Insects Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy lifestyle
4th January 2018

Are you having a hard time losing or maintaining weight? If so, you’re not alone. There’s a billion dollar industry trying to help millions of people with the same thing. The problem is the number of myths, half-truths, and unnecessary details distracting you from the basics. It’s worth taking a step back to revisit the... (read more)

Can Other Protein Sources Match Insects?

Cricket farming
4th December 2017

The way we produce protein today is not sustainable and unethical. A change is inevitable. The question is, which protein source is going to become the new norm? Let’s look at meat and plant protein and compare them to insect protein in terms of sustainability, morality, and quality.... (read more)

Boost Your Immunity and Mood with Insects

Healthy lifestyle
1st November 2017

New research into the human microbiome shows that what happens in the gut has a big impact on immunity, skin quality, energy levels, and even mood. So, what can we do to heal our gut and improve microbiome? There are several things and eating insects can help a lot!... (read more)

Crickets are a Nutritional Powerhouse

Healthy lifestyle
24th October 2017

Calories are not hard to get, it is vitamins and minerals we are often lacking. Insects are not only sustainable and ethical to farm, they are also very nutritious. And that’s important! Deficiencies of minerals like iron and calcium are not rare, especially as we age. We are also encouraged to get more of those... (read more)

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