Insect eating

Recipes for Christmas Treats Made with Cricket Flour

Insect eating
2nd December 2018

The holidays are close and there’s never been a better time to make your favourite treats a bit healthier with cricket flour. Edible insects have grown in popularity this year, a lot more people know how sustainable, ethical, and nutritious they are. And we just started selling cricket flour from our own farm on this... (read more)

How Cricket Flour Bars Fuelled my 250 km Run in a Desert

Healthy lifestyle
21st November 2018

What food would you take if you had to spend 6 days crossing a 250 km long trail in a desert and had to carry everything on your back? Pavel Paloncý, or the Czech Machine as he is known in the ultra-runner community, decided to take cricket flour bars as his main source of fuel.... (read more)

How to Overcome the Fear of Eating Insects

Insect eating
24th October 2018

We all know that insects could help revolutionize our food system, they are the kings of sustainability, they help limit animal suffering, and they are amazingly nutritious. The only problem is the “yuck” factor. Insects just aren’t a common food in the western world. Let’s look at the available science and our own experiences with... (read more)

Our Cricket Flour is Amazingly Nutritious

Insect eating
15th October 2018

Our new cricket farm is up and running and the final product is exceeding our expectations! We put a lot of effort into making the Cricket Lab not only the biggest but also the most technologically advanced cricket farm in the world. We are starting to see the results – our cricket flour is more... (read more)

Entovegan, Sustainable Veganism Boosted by Insect Eating

Insect eating
5th October 2018

We had a chance to interview Josh who has a very interesting take on the vegan diet. He decided to add insects! So naturally, we were curious how such a diet works for him, what insect based meals he eats, and how he came up with the name entovegan! Let’s go straight into the interview.... (read more)

Cricket Flour Cake Recipe

Insect eating
17th September 2018

Cricket flour is gaining in popularity and we’ve been getting more and more requests for recipes. Cricket flour has so many uses so why not start with a crowd pleaser. Here is a recipe for a cricket flour and poppy seed cake with raspberries.... (read more)

Eating Insects Improves Gut Health

Healthy lifestyle
2nd August 2018

It is well documented that insects are nutritious, filled with quality protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and many other minerals. But the effects of insect-eating on gut health is something that was never explored, until now. A new clinical trial looked at what happens to the gut microbiota of people who start eating insects, and... (read more)

Insects Are More Popular Than You Think

Insect eating
10th April 2018

Eating insects probably sounds like a crazy food trend to some people. But the reality is that insects have always been a part of the human diet and even today 2 billion people around the world regularly eat insects. What can we do to make insects normal for the rest of us?... (read more)

Research Shows Humans Can Digest Insects

Insect eating
2nd February 2018

According to a new study published in the Molecular Biology and Evolution journal, the food of choice for our ancestors, insects, could still be eaten and digested by almost all primates today, including humans. We are happy to hear that!... (read more)

Big News From the World of Insect Eating, December

Insect eating
11th January 2018

What happened in the world of insect eating in December? You can now buy a Bolognese sauce made with crickets and Italian style baked goods with mealworm. The global edible market is expected to grow substantially and cricket flour is predicted to be one of 2018 food trends.... (read more)

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