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    Recipe for Cricket Protein Biscuits

    Insect eating
    25th November 2019

    We’ve been getting some very tasty looking pictures and recipes from you since we added cricket flour from our farm to the store. We are so happy to get these! Please keep sending them and we will keep posting the best here on our blog.... (read more)

    Recipe for Cricket Protein Cookies

    Insect eating
    14th October 2019

    Cricket flour is gaining in popularity as a baking ingredient. We’ve been getting nice pictures and recipes for various delicious treats that you guys made since we added cricket flour from our farm to the store. We love them! Please keep sending them and we will feature the best here on our blog.... (read more)

    Our First Savoury Cricket Flour Product is Here

    Insect eating
    17th September 2019

    If you’ve been waiting for a savoury alternative to our bars, then your time has come. Our new Cricket Protein Crackers are a savoury snack full of protein and fibre that are just as sustainable, portable, and tasty as our bars. Let’s take a closer look at them!... (read more)

    4 Reasons to Try Cricket Flour from Our Farm

    Cricket farming
    24th June 2019

    Cricket flour is well-known for being a sustainable and protein rich ingredient but it is a lot more than that. Our own farm, the Cricket Lab, is producing the most nutritious cricket flour we’ve come across and we are happy to announce that you can now order it right here on our website! Here are... (read more)

    New Flavour Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry

    Healthy lifestyle
    24th May 2019

    It’s finally here! The Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry pleasure protein bar is a brand-new addition to our cricket flour product portfolio. Who did we make it for? What nutrition does it bring to the table? Where can you get it? Let’s take a closer look.... (read more)

    How to Fuel a Spartan Race with Insects

    Healthy lifestyle
    19th May 2019

    The endurance and strength training that Spartans have to do to keep up with the running, obstacles, and burpees on race day requires proper fuel. That’s why Spartan and SENS joined forces to bring cricket protein where it belongs. Here is why insects are a great fit for Spartan nutrition.... (read more)

    Will There Be a Cricket Farm on Mars?

    Cricket farming
    30th April 2019

    If we are ever to colonize Mars we will need an amazingly sustainable and resource efficient food source. Will it be plants, mycoprotein, lab grown meat, algae, or grass-fed cattle that feeds the future Martians? Or could insects be the right choice? Let’s take a look at what the future of protein might be, whether... (read more)

    Can You Eat Insects if You Have Diabetes and Coeliac?

    Healthy lifestyle
    29th March 2019

    We talked to one of our customers, Petr, who has both type I. diabetes and coeliac and asked him what life with these diseases is like and how cricket flour fits into his diet. What does he like to eat or breakfast? How does he fuel his sports activities? Read on.... (read more)

    Infographics: All You Needed to Know About the Meat Problem

    Cricket farming
    17th March 2019

    Do we have a meat problem? Maybe. It depends on what you consider a problem. Some people think meat could one day make our whole planet unlivable. Sounds like a stretch? Read on and make up your own mind.... (read more)

    Should You Be Afraid of Cholesterol in Cricket Flour?

    Healthy lifestyle
    7th February 2019

    Cholesterol is linked to heart disease so eating foods high in cholesterol is unhealthy, right? No, not exactly. Even though crickets do contain cholesterol there’s a difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Let’s take a closer look to clear up the confusion.... (read more)

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