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    SENS bars
    made with cricket flour



    4 bars per box

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    All SENS bars flavours

    a great way to taste the SENS experience

    SENS protein bar

    The world's first pure ingredients only bar with 20g of complete protein.


    • Dark chocolate & sesame
    • Peanut butter & cinnamon
    Only pure ingredients
    Low carb
    High-Quality Protein
    Gluten free

    SENS energy bar

    Finally, a truly guilt-free snack. Pleasure with no regret.


    • Dark chocolate & orange
    • Pineapple & coconut
    Only pure ingredients
    Well balanced
    No added sugar
    Gluten free
    Why are SENS protein bars better than regular protein bars?

    The first phase of product design of our protein bars was just research. It provided us with simple goals for our protein bar - 20 grams of easily digestible, high-quality protein, low in carbohydrates and made only with unprocessed, natural ingredients.

    With the use of cricket flour and our unique technological production process, we made it.

    We used the smallest possible amount of agave nectar mixed with cacao butter to hold all of the nuts, seeds, and powders together. Just imagine the amount of all those healthy fats from nuts, seeds and cacao butter, undoubtedly amazing sources of energy.

    peanut butter (34 %) (peanuts 100 %), cricket flour (Acheta Domestica) (20 %), hemp protein, cacao butter, agave nectar, beetroot, cinnamon (1 %)

    May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, soy. People with crustacean shellfish allergies may also be sensitive to crickets.

    Nutrition information

    • Energy value1324 kJ / 318 kcal
    • Fat20.5 g
    • ... of which saturates5.9 g
    • Carbohydrates13.2 g
    • ... of which sugars7.4 g
    • Fibre1.6 g
    • Protein20 g
    • Salt0.1 g

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