SENS Subscription

Have SENS bars delivered regularly and save 5% - three steps to start:

1) choose your flavour(s)
But not sure which is your favourite? Start with a sample box and decide after.

2) tell us how often
Every month? Every two months? You pick.

3) no other worries
Need to skip the next month? Change flavour? Cancel SENS Subscription? No problem.

Can I cancel SENS Subscription at any time?
Of course! There's no commitment, no fees here. Cancel, skip or pause your subscription whenever you please.

Can I edit my SENS Subscription?
You bet you can! Want to try a new snack? Add it to your subscription or swap one of your current products. Have too many or too little snacks? Update your frequency. Moved to a new address and needed your snacks delivered there? No problem. Just go into your account and manage your subscription.

Isn't the SENS subscription an awesome idea for our office?
Oh, you bet! Start the cricket invasion for your company.

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