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    10+1 reasons why crickets are the future

    The best protein for the human body

    In many ways, animal based proteins are superior to the ones coming from plants. Unsurprisingly, animal based and insects based proteins are of the same quality.

    Safer to eat than livestock

    We are similar enough to our livestock to be able to contract their diseases. There is a much lower risk of insects passing diseases on to us.

    The health benefits are endless

    Many insects contain significant amounts of healthy fats. They are also rich in calcium, zinc, and heme iron, a type of iron superior to that coming from plants.

    No need for antibiotics

    Overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming is no joke. Raising insects requires no use of antibiotics which, among other things, reduced the risk of creating super bacteria.

    To produce 1 KG of protein:

    Less feed is needed

    Crickets need 12 times less feed than cattle, and half as much feed as pigs and broiler chickens.

    Less land is needed

    Less water is needed

    Less time is needed

    1200 eggs / month
    mature in 1 month

    1 calf / year
    mature in 2 years

    Less GHGs are produced

    A kilogramme of beef has a ‘Greenhouse gases’ impact similar to driving 250 km with a car. That is like driving from Amsterdam to Brussels ...and then driving 50 more kilometres around the city.

    A humane way to kill

    Before being harvested, crickets are frozen and put into diapause, their natural phase of sleeping. No suffering.

    Focused on the well-being of crickets

    Crickets are used to living in dense populations. Moreover, their central neural system is so simple that they are almost certainly unable to feel pain.

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